Are 75% of children with autism being bullied?

Learn how to safeguard your child.

Sadly, children with autism have reported much higher rates of victimization. Bullying increases the risk of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and school-related issues. 

In a recent study by Ditch The Label, it was revealed that 75% of autistic students and 52% of students with learning differences were bullied in high school.

This is a shocking statistic.

We are here to help! Launched in time for National Bullying Prevention Month in the U.S., Autism Parenting Magazine has released a special compilation with over 30 top articles on how to safeguard your child from bullies.

Our special compilation is packed full of solutions to help parents of children with autism combat bullying.

From ways to identify bullying behavior, through to how to handle bullying at school, and ways to protect your child from cyberbullying, we have it covered

Today we are giving this compilation at no charge to anyone that subscribes to an annual subscription during National Bullying Prevention Month.

What's in the Compilation?

  • When ASD Children Become Easy Prey For Bullies
  • How Do You Know When Your ASD Child is Being Bullied?
  • How You Can Help Kids With ASD Reduce Bullying
  • How to Handle Bullying at School As the Parent of a Special Needs Child
  • To the Kind Man Who Helped My Son After He Was Bullied
  • Ways to Protect a Child With Autism From Cyberbullies
  • Starting the School Day Off Right on the Bus With Special Needs
  • How to Fight for the Best Education for Your ASD Child
  • Best Ways Special Needs Parents And Teachers Can Create a Dialogue
  • Connections Between Autism, Mental Health, Emotions, and Other Co-Relating Conditions
  • Ways to Unlock and Manage Your Autistics Child’s Anxiety
  • How to Combat Negative Thoughts and Find Happiness With ASD
  • Winning the Fight For Autism
  • Q&A Help: My Child Came Home with Bite Marks
  • 6 Amazing Ways Homeschooling Improved my Son’s Life and Ability to Communicate
  • Homeschooling a Child With Autism
  • Simple Ways to Avoid “Learned Helplessness” With Autism
  • Encouraging ASD Children to Develop Whole Selves
  • 4 Practical Interventions to Help Develop Social Skills
  • Finding Ways to Forge Meaningful Connections with Autism
  • Effective Ways You Can Assess and Teach Social Skills
  • Educating Children About Special Needs Can Spark Compassion
  • The End of Me
  • The Simple Game of Minecraft: Top Ways To Connect With Your ASD Child
  • How to Help Your Child With Autism Communicate Using Comics
  • Important Ways Storytelling Can Benefit Kids with Autism
  • Simple Ways You Can Help Strengthen the ASD Sibling Relationship
  • Thoughtful Advice for Parenting the Neurotypical Sibling
  • Could My Child With Autism Be Arrested? What Parents Need to Know
  • Q&A Help: How Do You Respond When You Suspect a Loved One Is On the Spectrum?
  • Passionate Teen Helps Young People With Learning Differences

Just the thought of a child being physically or emotionally bullied is distressing. It increases the risk for depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and school-related issues.

So how can we safeguard our children?

We are here for you.

Our special compilation is packed with 30+ articles that focus on putting an end to bullying behaviors. Let’s find ways to keep children safe and change the narrative. Together, we can make a difference.  

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Dr. Lovegrove is a lecturer and leader of many workshops on anti-bullying strategies. She was diagnosed on the autism spectrum in her 70s. She published the successful book Help! I’m Being Bullied! (Accent Press, 2006). Her work has been featured in The Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Times, Times Education Supplement, and on mainstream media such as BBC News, Sky News, Inside Out, Five Live, and GMTV. 

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