Best Tools and Strategies for Autism

What's in this issue?

Do you find managing autism complicated? As many families have discovered, obtaining the best tools, therapies, and strategies for your child isn’t always so straightforward. We strive to remove these stressors from your life.

This month, we provide tips on finding the right therapies and therapists for your child, strategies to help manage hypersensitivity, ways to improve fine motor skills, plus a Social Story to help reduce anxiety when heading to the eye doctor. We also have the latest research on how soluble fiber can improve health, ways to create a financial plan for your child’s future, plus so much more. We’re here for YOU!

Featured in this issue:

  • Educating Your Child’s Educator: Simple Steps to Create a Safe Learning Environment
  • Top Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills Through Coloring
  • Three Tips to Finding the Right Therapies and Therapists for Your Child
  • The Many Ways Early Intervention Changed My Son’s Life
  • Top Ways to Strengthen the Family Bond When a Sibling Has Autism
  • When Family and Friends Reject the Diagnosis
  • When Should My Child With ASD Get a Job?
  • 6 Things to Do When the World Can't See Your Child's ASD
  • What's New on the Bookshelf?
    Insightful Book Gives Young Readers Unique Look at the Everyday Struggles of Autism
  • My Child With Autism Is Afraid To Have Vision Checked​​​​
  • Soluble Fiber May Improve Irritability in Kids With Autism
  • My Son Has Autism and I’m Proud
  • Q&A Help: My Child Is Hypersensitive to Clothing
  • Poetry Corner: Our Journey…
  • Wisdom from Grandma
  • Treating Lice on Children With Sensory Sensitivity
  • My Daughter Rachel’s Journey to an Autism Diagnosis
  • Poetry Corner: 7 Stages
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM with Lisa Satira Brozek
  • Do I Need a Special Needs Trust With an ABLE Account?

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