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What's in this issue?

What are you doing for yourself as an autism parent? When was the last time you had a moment alone? Chances are, it’s been a while, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Your duties may feel enormous right now, which can easily lead to parental burnout. Don’t stress; we have the reliable autism guidance you need with topics such as how to talk to a child with autism about coronavirus, tips for dealing with challenging behaviors, ways to support mental health needs, how to reduce anxiety at the doctor’s office, ways to manage sensory overload in high school, plus so much more. There is top-rate advice for everyone!

Featured in this issue:

  • Parent Burnout is Real... 5 Tips That Help
  • How Do I Talk to My Child With Autism About Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • Managing Sensory Overload in High School
  • Top 5 Things Every ASD Child Needs
  • How Do I Manage the Coronavirus Scare as a Parent of a Child With Autism?
  • The Best Ways to Develop Inclusive College Classrooms
  • Conversation—Making the Jump from Monologues to Dialogues With Autism
  • Pushing the Boundaries of Autism With Routine
  • Amazing Ways Farming Can Be Beneficial to Kids With Special Needs
  • How to Discover Your Meaning of Autism
  • 5 ASL Tips to Make Life a Little Easier With Your Child With Autism
  • Early Intervention Through the Eyes of the Child
  • Two Critical Steps to Support the Mental Health Needs of Individuals with ASD
  • Moving Away from the Spectrum Comfort Zone
  • Four Key Lessons from a State Supported Special Needs Living Center
  • The Importance of Parents’ Voices in the Autism Discussion
  • Successfully Supporting the College Student With ASD
  • Autism Warrior: How a Big-Hearted Young Man With Autism Changes Lives
  • Poetry Corner: Autism Is Its Name
  • Autism as Seen from the Inside
  • Q&A Help: My Child With Autism is Afraid of Doctors
  • ASD Marketplace
    Protect Your ASD Child With Medical ID Bracelets
  • ASD Marketplace
    Top Weighted Blanket Can Help Your Child Get to Sleep
  • Simple Toys to Help Your ASD Child’s Continued Development
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?
    Memoir Inspires Autistics to Fight for Their Dreams
  • A Different Mind is a Beautiful Thing
  • 8 Tips for Dealing With Challenging Behaviors With an Autism Diagnosis
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?
    New Book Supports Parents in Unleashing the Hidden Powers of ASD
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?
    Award Winning Novel Recounts Loving Autism Journey
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM With Matt and Navah Asner
  • Is Guardianship the Best Choice When Your Special Needs Child Turns 18?

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