Caring for Your Autism Family

What's in this issue?

Caring for your autism family is paramount. You want everyone to be happy, healthy, and respected. And chances are as a caregiver, you strive to ensure your child’s needs are met before your own. We see you—and we know how important it is to access the information you need. 

We are here to provide top guidance on how to improve a child’s self-esteem, ways to manage aggression, how physical activity can benefit your child with autism, and how to keep a child safe while online. We also have information on how to prevent destructive behavior, select an ABA provider, plus the multiple benefits of occupational therapy. We are here for you.

Featured in this issue:

  • Accreditation—Why Parents Should Care About It and Organizations Should Aim for It
  • How Physical Activity Can Benefit Your Child with Autism
  • How to Help Your Child with Autism Develop Positive Thinking
  • Preparing Your Child for Incontinence at School
  • Q&A Help: My Child with Autism Threatens Destructive Behavior
  • The Everyday Reality of Parenting an Aggressive Child with Autism
  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Online
  • How Society Fails Children with Autism
  • Helping Friends Make Friends with Your Autistic Child
  • Growing Through Creativity with Autism
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?
    New Book Focuses on Meeting IEP Goals with Language Delays
  • How to Select a Private School for Your Child with Special Needs
  • Poetry Corner: My Kite
  • Poetry Corner: Three Inspirational Poems by a Boy with Autism
  • Autism and Mainstream Schooling
  • Occupational Therapy and the Benefits That Keep on Giving
  • Poet and Speaker Lifts Up the Autism Community During COVID-19
  • Why Grandparents Are Important for Your Child with Autism
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?
    Delightful New Board Book for Children Inspires Love
  • AUTISM Interview with Laura Toro
  • Can We Still Do It…? Challenges of COVID-19 from an Occupational Therapist’s Perspective
  • Guardian: Who Should I Choose for My Autistic Child?

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