Attaining Good Health

What's in this issue?

You want your child with autism to be as healthy as he/she can be, right?

As a parent, you only want the best for your kids. We understand and we’re here to help. That’s why this issue’s theme is Attaining Good Health and we open with an article on how to manage your child’s autism with a tailored diet. 

We’ve also given Halloween a health-kick with a tasty mice recipe for the whole family, while Dr. Ron Malcolm shares tips on how to use the spooky holiday for honing your child’s social skills. We know staying healthy during a global pandemic hasn’t been easy, but with the world slowly transitioning back into routine, there is no better time to get back on track. Why not take a look inside?

Featured in this issue:

  • Leading with Choice: honoring and empowering autistic Children
  • 10 strategies You Can use to teach Your Child with autism about money
  • manage Your Child’s autism with a tailored diet
  • three Lessons the Coronavirus pandemic taught me about special needs Families
  • sensory processing disorder: the ultimate guide
  • getting a genetic diagnosis Quicker
  • From a daughter with autism
  •  preparing students with autism to transition into Life after high school
  •  though the eyes oF a middle schooler with special needs 
  •  poetry Corner: mothering autism 
  •  poetry Corner: autism 
  •  poetry Corner: be strong 
  •  using halloween as a teaching tool For Children with autism 
  •  neuroplasticity and the importance of sensory integration 
  •  what’s new on the bookshelf? winkle in the Lunchroom 
  •  healthy halloween mice recipe 
  •  an exclusive Look at autism with Jennifer block 
  •  everything You need to know about gender and autism 
  • aSD marketplace Friendometry: a Friend Finding service For kids with social Challenges 
  •  oh, poop! Fecal smearing in Children with autism 
  • what Can we do to prepare For College? 
  • Can i prepare For my son’s Future using income-producing real estate? 

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