Autism In Girls

What's in this issue?

Autism is still often portrayed as a “boy thing” in the media and diagnostic criteria remains outdated. So, this month, we’re diving into what autism “looks like” in girls. Many girls on the spectrum receive late diagnosis due to masking their autistic traits; we’re therefore unpacking what masking is, and unravelling why some physicians miss diagnosing girls. In addition, we’ve included an article from a parent raising a daughter on the spectrum, and tips on how to make friends written by autistic advocate Siena Castellon. Plus, we have articles on sibling interaction, choosing a therapy dog, social skills, and so much more. If all this sounds good, dive in and enjoy the read!

Featured in this issue:

  • Raising a Daughter on the Spectrum: the Unique Challenges
  • An Autistic Teen Girl's Tips on How To Make and Maintain Friends
  • Girls With Autism and Their Menstrual Cycle
  • How to Adult, in 500 words
  • Blending into the Crowd: What is Autism Masking?
  • I Got You!

  • Five Social Skills Activities For Children With Autism

  • Being Extraordinary For The Extra Ordinary!
  • The Autistic Patient: Obstacles to Medical Treatment
  • Advocating for My Beautifully Curious Boys
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Intelligence Testing That No One Would Tell You
  • Eight Handwriting Strategies for Children with Autism
  • Friendships From the Perspective of an Autism Mom
  • A First Connection
  • Planning Parties for Kids with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Poetry Corner: Love Is Free
  • When Nature is Nurture: Structured Outdoor Learning
  • Breath Patterns to Help Keep Your Cool as an Autism Parent
  • Stimming Solutions for Parents
  • Poetry Corner: Wild Flowers
  • Autism Warrior: John Vento
  • Q&A Advice from an Expert…
  • Choosing a Therapy Dog for Your ASD Child
  • Family Friendly Activities for Sensory Exposure
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?: Believe in Bruno
  • An AUTISM Interview with Diana Romeo
  • Collaboration: Sibling and Peer Interaction
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?: Like No Other Boy
  • ASD Marketplace: BrittanysblankiesCo Sensory Blankets
  • Poetry Corner: The Builder
  • Government Benefits – FAQ

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