Unwrapping ABA Therapy

What's in this issue?

Autistic children can benefit from a wide range of therapies, one of which is applied behavior analysis (ABA). Within this issue we’re covering all you need to know about ABA—from costs and controversy, to expert opinions on its effectiveness; our aim is to answer all your burning questions.

 In addition, we’re sharing how to design a sensory sensitive home for your child, tackling the topic of grief, and we’ve included personal narratives from families who have journeyed the lows and highs of spectrum parenting. If you’ve just hopped on the train and are unsure of which turn to take, we hope this issue can inspire you, while also guiding through the need-to-knows of ABA.

Featured in this issue:

  • What Are the Principles of ABA?
  • Home Design for Hyper and Hyposensitivities

  • Exploring the Controversy Around ABA Therapy
  • Five Ways to Avoid Handwriting Regression Over Summer
  • Can Parents do ABA Therapy at Home?
  • ASD: Not to Be Confused with Depression or Grief
  • How Much Does ABA Therapy Cost?
  • Creating Your Village: Tips from an Autism Mom
  • Poetry Corner: Come Touch His Cheek
  • What Does ABA Contribute to the Autism Community?
  • A Different Kind of Happy
  • How to Deal With Tantrums
  • Welcome Home: A Short Story
  • Are iPads and Tablets Helpful for Autistic Children?
  • Understanding Grief: Through the Eyes of a Psychiatrist and Autism Mom
  • Can AI Technology Help Tackle Disparities in Autism Diagnosis?
  • Q&A: HELP
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?: The Twins Superpowers
  • Leaving Only The Hard Part of Autism
  • What You May Not Already Know about ABA Therapy
  • ASD Marketplace: SammySocks Etc.
  • An AUTISM Interview with John Hale
  • A Cup of Coffee With… Carol Garner-Houston, Brain Harmony
  • Dramatic? Or Passionate and Expressive?
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?: Expect a Miracle
  • Q&A: Answering ABA Queries from Parents
  • ASD Marketplace: The Safety Sleeper®
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf?: My Nothingness Gone, My World Speaks
  • Learning to Laugh
  • FAQs about Guardianship (Continued)

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