Autism Advocacy

What's in this issue?

Advocacy—a term used to describe a movement aimed at raising awareness for a particular cause. There’s no denying the need for autism advocacy is crucial, which is why this month we’re covering topics ranging from Autism Stigma to Person-first or Identity-first Language. Adding to the mix, we have a piece from the renowned Dr. Temple Grandin PhD and her colleague Dr. Debra Moore PhD looking into how nurturing your child’s interests can help uncover their strengths. Our aim in this issue is to challenge the narrative against autism, while recognizing the beauty in difference and increasing awareness of neurodivergence across multiple cultures.

Featured in this issue:

  • Breaking the Autism Stigma: What Can We Do?
  • How to Bring Out A Child's Strengths
  • Three Hacks For Improving Communication With Autistic Children
  • Autism Language: Person-First Or Identity-First?
  • Teaching Mindfulness To Kids On the Spectrum
  • All I Wish I Could Have Verbalized To My Parents As A Child
  • How To Calm Your Child's Fearful Lizard Brain
  • Overcoming Cultural Barriers: How Asian-American Parents Can Become Effective Advocates
  • Addressing Engagement And Motivation For Learners On the Spectrum
  • Strategies To End Discrimination Against People With Autism
  • Autism And Haircuts: Getting Your Child Safely Under the Blade
  • You Don't Outgrow Being Autistic
  • How Parents Can Navigate The Murky Post-Diagnosis World
  • Dynamic Intelligence: A Key Skill Set For ASD Kids
  • Preschool: The Kid In the Corner
  • It's Okay To Be Different!
  • Creating A More Positive Perception Of Autism
  • My Son's Amazing Autism Qualities
  • What's New On the Bookshelf?: Expect A Miracle: Understanding And Living With Autism
  • Autism Warrior: Tyler McNamer
  • Accepting Our Reality
  • What's New On the Bookshelf?: Wiggles, Stomps, And Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down
  • Poetry Corner: Autism Is Awake
  • Preparing Your Child With Autism For A Hospital Stay
  • What's New On the Bookshelf?: Connecting And Communicating With Your Autistic Child
  • A Mom's Mission: Persuading Schools To Adapt For Additional Needs
  • Uniquely You: Financial Planning Expert Guide

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