ADHD and Common Comorbidities

What's in this issue?

Do your child’s “autism traits” resemble what others describe as “ADHD characteristics”? Perhaps your child is distracted, restless, has intense focus on particular subjects, or is labeled “hyper” by friends and family. Autism and ADHD diagnosis rates have rapidly increased since the 1980s, and many children with one of these conditions show signs of the other. Sometimes, children can be overlooked for a diagnosis of ADHD because they have already been diagnosed with autism (and vice versa). This issue takes a look at some of the challenges faced by children with autism and ADHD, as well as offering tips and support for families. Dive in and enjoy the read.

Featured in this issue:

  • ADHD, Autism, or a Combination?
  • Selective Mutism and Autism
  • A Behaviorist Looks at Pica Treatment From Inside and Out
  • Hannah and Me
  • OCD and Autism: Understanding Children’s Behavior in a Dual Diagnosis
  • How to Combat ADHD Fatigue
  • George
  • Relationship Between Autism and Schizophrenia
  • What's New on the Bookshelf? Kudzu’s Enormous New Life
  • Macrocephaly: Unwrapping Autism and Head Size
  • Tips to Manage Angry Behavior
  • Opinion: Navigating the Challenges of Autism Support on Social Media
  • Poetry Corner: Tired
  • Is Misophonia Common in Autism?
  • How ADHD May Affect Reading in Children
  • Are Hypermobility and Autism Related?
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Strong and Courageous
  • Madison Mad at Meals: Autism from a Sibling’s Perspective
  • Disorders Similar to Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Autism Warrior: Kevin Whelan
  • ASD Marketplace: KiddieCube Therapeutic Play Subscription Box
  • Dyslexia and Autism: Is there a Connection?
  • Communicating with Your Child
  • Autism Housing Grants: Helping Your Child Live Independently

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