Anxiety And Depression

What's in this issue?

With February comes an array of feelings and emotions. It’s a month when we celebrate those we love! But it can also be a time for some to long for a relationship, feeling sad over one that is lost, or one that is yet to be. This month’s issue deals with anxiety and depression, with articles on coping skills, understanding and managing emotional problems, autism burnout, moving through grief, and so much more. We hope this edition will provide knowledge and support to help you and your child on the spectrum cope and manage. Happy reading!

Featured in this issue:

  • 8 Sensory Therapy Alternatives
  • 8 Steps To Move Through Grief
  • Autism and Psychosis: Is There a Connection?
  • Is There a Connection Between Obesity and ADHD?
  • How The Beatles Helped My Autistic Child
  • Common Complications Among People With Autism
  • Does Animal Assisted Therapy for Autism Work
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder and Autism: Understanding the Differences
  • What Is the Link Between Autism and Chronic Pain and How Can I Help My Child
  • Autism Warrior : Dan Watt
  • Helping Your Child With Social Skills
  • Understanding and Managing Emotional Problems in Autistic Children and Teenagers
  • Poetry Corner: When You Hear the News
  • Autism Burnout: Causes and Prevention Tips
  • Autism and Suicide: Why Autistic Individuals are High Risk
  • How Do You Cope? Autism Coping Skills
  • The Relationship Between Autism and PTSD
  • Autism and Bipolar: What is the Connection?
  • Autism and Social Anxiety: Overlap, Similarities, and Differences
  • Navigating Autism and Antidepressants
  • Tips on why family and friends are Important in an Autistic Person’s Life
  • The Government Benefit Conversation

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