Connections With Karen: Stranger Awareness Without Fear
Teaching your autistic child about strangers is essential for keeping them safe.

Karen Kaplan, MS

Elopement Strategies for Autistic Individuals
Here are some helpful ways to prevent or manage an elopement situation if your autistic child wanders away.

Scott Garner, PhD

Navigating Social Media Safely on the Spectrum
Here are some tips to help autistic individuals use social and other media safely.
Angela Chapes

Autism and CSA Awareness for Parents
Parents of children with autism should know the importance of talking to their children about sexual abuse.
Sharon Belshaw, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBACP

Empowering Your Autistic Child for Making Informed Safety Decisions
How can you educate and empower your child to make good decisions in at-risk situations?
Deborah French, MSc

The Resounding Sound of Echolalia
A parent of three children, two on the spectrum, finds the humor in her daughter’s echoed phrases.
Andrea Grant

Digital Dangers: Helping Your Child Steer Clear of the Risks
How can parents protect their autistic children from the online dangers of the digital world?
Brandi Timmons, MEd, BCBA, LBA and Brodie Simmons, LPC-S, LCDC

ARFID and Autism: Tackling Selective Eating and Behavioral Issues
One expert explains avoidant restrictive food intake disorder and other challenging food behaviors that could affect autistic children.


Tools to Address Autism Anger and Tantrums
One expert provides some suggestions to help parents address their autistic child’s anger and tantrums.
Brett Novick, MS, EdD, LMFT

Can My Child Have Autism and Depression?
Here are some facts and information about depression and how it can occur with autism.
Jeremy Brown

Success Stories - Improving Day by Day
Here is another success story from a mom celebrating her son’s accomplishments regarding speech, comprehension, and tantrums.
Ogor Efeturi

Preparing for College
Here are some suggestions for people with autism who may be considering college.

Alex Manners 

Brotherly Love and Help

Here is how one sibling came up with an idea to solve a problem for his brother with autism.

Sharon Longo, BA

Epilepsy and Autism -  Is There a Link?
An expert explains the possible relationship between autism and epilepsy, signs to watch for, and how to manage the two.

Dr. Sona Kaur, DClinPsy

The Way Home
The greatest gift we can give our children is our transformation.
Melinda Edwards, MD

Grandparenting Autistic Grandchildren: Nurturing Love, Understanding, and Support

Here are some activities for connecting with your autistic grandchild and supporting their parents.
Valarie Whiting, PhD

Ask Dr. Malcolm

Dr. Malcolm answers parents’ questions and concerns about their autistic children. You can submit your questions here.

Ronald I. Malcolm, EdD 

Zero Coercion Nutrition: New Hope for ASD Parents of Picky Eaters
Diminishing the negative psychological impact on parents by circumventing nutrient-deficiency-related ASD behavior challenges without forcing foods.

Jairo Zeitel

Autism Warrior - Sensory-Friendly Experiences
Here is how one woman on the spectrum provides sensory-friendly experiences for others with special needs.

Sharon Longo, BA

What’s New on the Bookshelf? Hi, I'm Lauren And I Have Autism But - I Have Jesus Too
This book, by an autistic individual and her parents, provides a glimpse into their family’s faith and hope in facing life’s challenges.

Lauren Breaux

Dear Readers,

In many areas, June is when the school year ends and summer begins. This break away from studies is a time to play in your yard or at the beach, go to the park, take a hike, or simply relax. As parents, while we may be happy about the downtime, we also consider the possible dangers our children and teens may encounter.

Before I discuss the article topics, you might have noticed that our magazine is going through some changes. We are redesigning it to be more user-friendly and accessible for our readers. We’d love to know what you think, so please send your comments to support@autismparentingmagazine.com.

This month’s theme is “Stranger Danger: Autism Safety Spotlight,” and the articles cover various scenarios of which parents and children should be aware. In Karen Kaplan’s column, her article, “Stranger Awareness Without Fear,” provides tips for teaching your child about strangers without traumatizing them. Deborah French writes about “Empowering Your Autistic Child for Making Informed Safety Decisions,” a crucial skill they will need now and throughout their lives.

Children or teens may look to computers or phones for entertainment as they become bored. Brandi Timmons and Brodie Simmons write about “Digital Dangers: Helping Your Child Steer Clear of the Risks” in our new Education column.

If your child tends to wander, whether from the home or you while out and about, this can be a significant source of stress. Scott Garner has provided some practical and effective tips in his article “Elopement Strategies for Autistic Individuals.”

Because we go through so many emotions and parent our children based on our own personalities and understanding, Melinda Edwards writes about this in her article “The Way Home.”

For those of you who have older children who may be thinking about higher education options, Alex Manners covers this topic in his article “Preparing for College.”

It’s always important to know where our children are going, whether outside to play in the golden sunshine or inside to navigate games on the computer or phone. Dangers lurk everywhere, and we need to help our young ones recognize them and be able to make wise decisions. When you know they are prepared for the uncertainties of their world, you can relax a little bit better. Take a breath, grab an ice-cold lemonade, and enjoy this month’s magazine. 

Happy Reading! 

Sharon Longo
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