Autism and Finances: Planning for Your Future.


Connections With Karen: Start Early to Plan for Their Future
Planning for the future is essential for parents of children with any disability.

Karen Kaplan, MS

Help! My Child Can’t Go to School
Find out how to secure funded support when a child struggles with emotionally-based school non-attendance.

Lucy Alexandra Spencer

Autism - Discovering Your Superpower
A bestselling author on the spectrum encourages parents of autistic children.
J.D. Barker

Ask Dr. Malcolm
Dr. Malcolm answers parents’ questions and concerns about their autistic children. You can submit your questions here.
Ronald I. Malcolm, EdD

Does Your Toddler Show Signs of Autism?
Here are expert tips for creating the environment and opportunities to support your autistic toddler.
Karen Kaplan, MS

Embracing Nature to Support Sensory Integration
An expert shares some eco-friendly practices to support sensory processing and communication needs.
Cynthia Ewers-Cobb, SLT, Reg-MRCSLT - SL36439

Black-and-White Thinking…What Is the Connection?
How can we help our autistic children see the gray areas of life when socializing and viewing the world?
By Brett Novick, MS, EdD, LMFT

An Interview with Temple Grandin
Dr. Grandin advises parents about working with autistic children early so they can explore the world.

Jonathan Sutter

Piggy Bank Principles: Early Education for Financial Independence
Financial literacy is important for your child’s confidence, well-being, and success.
Brandi Timmons

Strengths and Interests: The Building Blocks of Success
Experts suggest focusing on a student’s strengths and interests during a team or IEP meeting.
Jeff Jacobs, M. Ed., Greg Cardelli, MA. Ed., Doug Boeckmann, BA. Psychology

Exploring the Link Between Dyslexia and Autism
Could your child with autism also have dyslexia? Read to find out.
Jess Arce

Success Story - Autism and a Sense of Humor
Here is another success story. This one was written by Alex Kocan, a dad and student nurse from Nottingham, England, with an autistic child. He and his wife celebrate their autistic son’s success in developing a sense of humor and social skills. Have a success story you want to share? Click here.
Sent in by Alex Kocan

Preparing Your Autistic Teen for Independent Living
How can parents focus on skills development to help their autistic teen prepare for autonomy?

Alicia Trautwein

Job Training and Transitioning Into Adulthood

Learn how one woman with ASD used a job training plan to help transition to employment.

Julie Day

How Football (Soccer) Helps Me with Autism
An individual explains how his special interest has helped him cope with the challenges of autism.

Alex Manners

Autism Warrior - Meet ASD Band
One musical group on the spectrum uses their talents to bring joy to others.
Jan Stewart

What's New on the Bookshelf? Milly's Mind

A playful, insightful peek inside autism, with a luminous flame of positivity at its heart.
Colin and Milly Armstrong

What’s New on the Bookshelf? One in 36: A Full Spectrum Approach to Autism

This book provides guidance to help parents and their medical teams successfully identify and address autism with lifestyle practices and reassurance.

Sajani J Sukhadia, MD 

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Dear Readers,

July can often be an extreme month. Days may be unbearably hot. Nights might be filled with loud fireworks displays of vibrant colors. Weekend barbecues or carnivals abound with people, sounds, lights, and scents. Vacations, which are supposed to be relaxing, take us to unfamiliar locations that might include some or all of the above. Additionally, many events cost money, and our wallets seem to deplete with each admission ticket, hamburger, ice cream cone, or hotel stay. While we may think about planning for our summers and putting aside a little money here and there for these excursions, we also need to think further ahead in preparing for our children’s futures.

This month's theme is “Autism and Finances: Planning for Your Future.” Although putting aside money for an upcoming trip to the theme park may be easier, saving and planning for the unknown future may be a bit daunting. This issue provides some advice, tips, and encouragement to help you through that.

Karen Kaplan advises how parents can “Start Early to Plan for Their Future,” and Brandi Timmons writes about “Piggy Bank Principles: Early Education for Financial Independence.”

Planning for the future also includes providing our children with the skills they need for autonomy and independence. Temple Grandin talks about this in Jonathan Sutter’s interview with her. We also have articles such as “Preparing your Autistic Teen for Independent Living” by Alicia Trautwein and “Job Training and Transitioning Into Adulthood” by Julie Day.

Before you head out to explore all that nature offers, read Cynthia Ewers-Cobb’s article “Embracing Nature to Support Sensory Integration.” Also, check out Jan Stewart’s interview with the popular musical group ASD Band. They are featured this month as our Autism Warriors, and their abilities and success are inspiring for all.

This month may be filled with a whirlwind of outings and sensory overload from all the events. On the other hand, there may be lazy days enjoying the gentle rain, relaxing on a swing, or stargazing in silence. These moments cost nothing, but the memories last forever. Cherish the simple moments with your children, whatever age they may be. Their futures begin now.

Happy Reading! 

Sharon Longo
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