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We want to make sure our members are using the best tools and the best possible price! Take a look at the special pricing and discounts you get from our favorite vendors in the Autism Parenting Deals below. We have negotiated special deals with these suppliers and if you buy using our affiliate link – Autism Parenting Magazine will also receive a commission to enable us to continue supporting the autism community.

My Spectrum Heroes

Heroic Nutritionl Support for children with autism.

They have a wide range of nutritional supplements that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to children with autism.

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Guardian Helmets

Guardian’s Soft Special Needs Helmets.

It is uniquely designed to protect your loved ones from head injuries that can occur as a result of headbanging, falls, seizure activity, and other accidents.

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autism helmet

Positive Parenting Solutions

Get kids to listen without nagging or yelling. Sign up for this FREE webinar with nationally recognized parenting coach, Amy McCready

Kids preneur – young entrepreneurs

As we know many autistic kids also have enormous creativity. What If You Could Do More to Empower Your Children to Take Charge of Their Own Futures?

There is currently an offer with Kids preneur where you can download their book or join their academy.


Here is an online academy that your child can follow. Ideal for homeschooling during lockdown.


Angelsense GPS

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The Only GPS & Voice-Monitoring Solution Designed to Prevent Wandering, Bullying & Mistreatment.

Please check the Angelsense website because they are also having some special deals at the moment where they are offering their device for free when you sign up for a subscription plan.